Month: October 2014

The Basics of a Social Media Strategy

social-mediaAs someone who does social media for a non-profit group made up of entirely volunteers, I can respect that Social Media Strategy can seem like a daunting task. Most weeks, it’s enough of a struggle to find relevant content and someone to post it. You follow competing groups and ask yourself how your group can achieve the same levels of success. You tweet and post, but it feels like you aren’t getting a response. You want to up your social media, but you don’t know where to start.

When I start a new social media project, there are five main areas I look at: defining your objectives, knowing your audience, limiting your work, curating unique content, and measuring your success. It builds a solid foundation for whatever social media activities you use and it can help you explain why you’ve chosen (or not chosen) a particular strategy or campaign. (more…)


Finding New Faces

I want my audiences to be full like this one.In community theatre, it can be hard to get new faces into the door. You’re working with a very limited budget, and posters only go so far. Facebook really only reaches people who already know your brand. If you aren’t following the page, you’re not receiving its updates. Twitter is marginally better with retweets and the right hastags. It can be difficult to attract brand new patrons.

This past show has been one of those challenges. Many of our dedicated audience members, and most of our board, were in another show that opened the same weekend. There were three theatre productions of comparable size and quality that very weekend. So much marketing everywhere, but most of it getting lost in the noise. Getting a decent sized audience was a challenge. The best part about community theatre (its tight-knit community) suddenly becomes a marketing nightmare. (more…)